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Libs divided over ‘dangerous and illegal’ video content

  • Elise Archer on her own defending financial support
  • Guy Barnett says video content ‘dangerous and illegal’
  • Labor backs Tasmania’s forest industry.

The division and hypocrisy within the ranks of the Liberal government have been put in the spotlight during debate in the Tasmanian Parliament last night.

Shadow Minister for Resources Shane Broad said Guy Barnett and Elise Archer are at loggerheads over government funding for an eco-warrior film.

“Screen Tasmania backed production of Wild Things, a ‘how to’ manual for forest protest action, including how to lock on to machinery and disrupt legitimate forest operations.

“When this was raised in State Parliament last night, the tension between Guy Barnett and Elise Archer was quickly on show.

“Elise Archer got hot under the collar, aggressively defending the funding support.

“It looks like she’s on her own on this one. Guy Barnett wants funding guidelines changed so ‘dangerous and illegal activities can’t be promoted and endorsed’.

“On one hand the Liberals are talking about locking up forest protestors, but on the other they’ve approved funding for a protestor recruitment film that glorifies direct forest action, including footage from the Tarkine.

“The Greens are clearly delighted with the production, and it probably explains why they’ve been voting with the government so often recently.

“In a further sign Elise Archer is on her own, the government has clearly had serious second thoughts about the video, and is so embarrassed all traces of the film and funding details have been purged from Screen Tasmania’s website.

“While there is always a place for political dissent, there is never a place for putting lives at risk, and forest industry workers must be free to go about their lawful work safely.

“Labor strongly supports a viable, sustainable and ongoing native forest industry in Tasmania. The industry currently enjoys broad community and market acceptance and we want that to continue.”

Shane Broad
Shadow Minister for Resources