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Lights potentially out for Tasmania as Barnett fails on energy policy

Less than two weeks after embattled Energy Minister Guy Barnett confirmed he had dumped the Liberal Government’s signature energy policy to de-link from the National Electricity Market (NEM), Tasmanians are being warned the lights could go off.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has issued warnings of maximum power load interruptions across five states including Tasmania with potential disruptions from tomorrow evening.

Tasmania would not be in this position had Mr Barnett and the Rockliff-Ferguson Government proceeded with their power promises instead of recently confirming they had dumped their key policy.

The Rockliff-Ferguson Government’s position of having no energy policy has left Tasmanian families and business not only at the mercy of the national market but exposed to electricity bill price shocks now also hitting other states.

The Liberal’s policy to delink from the NEM was designed to reduce power prices and had the strong support of Tasmanian industry. 

The entire point of the policy was to protect Tasmania from the kind of price shocks and power disruptions that are now hitting the NEM.

It has been abandoned while the market faces a crisis.

That leaves Mr Barnett to explain to Tasmanian families and business why he has put Project Marinus ahead of the electricity security and affordability for Tasmanian families and businesses.

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Energy Minister