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Metro cancellations leave Tasmanians without medication

The continual mass cancellations of Metro buses are wreaking havoc upon commuters’ lives, leaving Tasmanians stranded, and in some cases without access to their medication.

Lynette Cahut (75), of Old Beach, was left waiting in the heat for hours for a Metro bus that never came, even after a phone call with a representative from Metro assuring her the bus was on its way.

Lynette’s daughter, Fadila (53), has a disability and requires vital medication. After around an hour and a half waiting in high temperatures and without shelter, for a bus that didn’t come, Fadila collapsed that evening and ended up in hospital for several hours.

The next day the same circumstances occurred, with Lynette waiting for hours at the bus stop in the heat, resulting in her almost collapsing, and still being unable to collect her daughter’s essential medication.

Tasmanians are suffering as a result of daily mass cancellations, which are happening under the Minister for Transport Michael Ferguson’s watch.

The issues at Metro have been known to the Government for a long time, and it is damning that they are only now looking to act.

This should have been addressed before our bus drivers hit breaking point.

Metro drivers are crying out about their unsafe working conditions but they have been falling on deaf ears.

It is crucial our drivers feel safe, supported and valued, which is why the Labor Party will employ transit officers and install security screens to improve safety for drivers and passengers.

A reliable, safe and affordable public transport system is crucial for Tasmanians to be able to access essential services, and engage with the community. Right now many are feeling isolated and stuck. 

This Government needs to stop making announcements, but actually deliver on them, or else Tasmanians will continue to pay the price.

Sarah Lovell MLC  
Labor Member for Rumney