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Minister misses opportunity to provide ambitious oceans plan

The Draft Tasmanian Salmon Industry Plan released in Parliament today, appears on first reading to have failed Tasmanians.

The Minister for Primary Industries and Water was in a position to boldly lead the nation when it comes to aquaculture and our ocean economy, yet much of this draft plan is focused on managing past negativity. 

The plan does little to recognise and realise the full potential of Tasmania’s oceans and our potential opportunity to sustainably feed Australia and the world.

Being an ‘industry’ plan is the first misstep – this could have been a plan for all who participate in our ocean economy – not just industry. 

It is also concerning that the government has released a work plan before the consultation process has even finished. Have they already deemed the feedback irrelevant?

The government has given Tasmanians more of the same ‘tell not consult’ rather than provided a contemporary outlook.

This plan could have delivered Tasmanians an ambitious way forward and provided an invitation to positively participate in our ocean economy.

Instead, the government has placed its priority on regulation rather than having an eye to the future and identifying pathways to support new innovations that showcase our skills and talents and build trust and confidence.

The Tasmanian aquaculture industry is looking for increased certainty from the Liberal Government and confidence that the state is again open for investment.

I encourage Tasmanians and industry to provide their clear feedback to the draft plan and look forward to the government lifting their sights and considering the full potential of our ocean economy.

Janie Finlay MP
Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Water