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Minister out of her depth as business demands COVID answers

Just three weeks before Tasmania opens its borders, Gutwein Government Minister Jane Howlett is unable to provide basic information to small business operators about crucial COVID-19 protocols.

Shadow Small Business Minister Janie Finlay said it was unacceptable that Ms Howlett had today in the Legislative Council flippantly fobbed off important questions that small business operators needed answers for.

“Either Ms Howlett doesn’t know the answers, she hasn’t sought the answers or there are no answers,” Ms Finlay said.

“She was unable to say what the Gutwein Government’s direction to small business to undertake a risk assessment for vaccine mandates for their staff actually means.

“She was unable to say what will be required of small business when COVID enters Tasmania after December 15.

“She was unable to offer any clarity about when small businesses would be given guidelines or information for operating in a COVID environment and it’s completely unacceptable that Ms Howlett fobbed off important questions by saying more detail would be released ‘in the coming week’.

“There are only 21 days left until the borders open.

“Tasmania has thousands of small businesses that employ more than 100,000 people and they need clear direction on how they will be able to keep employing them once COVID reaches the state.

“They deserve better than a Small Business Minister who doesn’t understand their serious concerns over the future and is out of her depth.”

Janie Finlay MP  
Shadow Minister for Small Business