Alison Standen

Franklin Members of Parliament, Franklin State Election 2021 Candidates

Alison Standen was elected as Labor Member for Franklin in March 2018; and is currently serving as Shadow Minister for Housing; Shadow Minister for Climate Change; and Shadow Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage.

Prior to her being elected, Alison has over 25 years’ professional experience working in Tasmania – this includes firsthand experience in health, education and community services – working with everyday people, supporting and advocating on behalf of low income and vulnerable Tasmanians.

She understands the everyday struggle of ordinary Tasmanians to make ends meet – people who want a better life for themselves and their families. Alison cares deeply about creating a Tasmania where we all have choice, opportunity, dignity and respect.

Growing up in regional Tasmania, her father a doctor and mother a nurse, Alison learnt the value of service to the community. She began her career as an allied health professional, working as a Dietitian in North West Tasmania and has an ongoing interest in public health and preventative health services.

Having worked in senior Commonwealth and State Government roles for many years, and having completed a Masters in Business Administration, she has a strong understanding of public sector decision-making processes and governance.

Over the past decade Alison was State Manager of the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and General Manager of The Smith Family in Tasmania, consolidating and growing the organisation to support over 3 000 children and families through education statewide, over 500 of those children on a long-term educational scholarship.

Alison believes that the solutions to many issues lie within our neighbourhoods and towns, and she understands the power of collective leadership within communities. She is passionate about empowering people by providing the resources that are needed to make change and be heard.

Alison supports sensible industry development, which balances job creation, secure employment, economic growth and the environment – with a responsible, transparent and fair approach for today, and for generations to come.

Alison lives on the Eastern Shore within the electorate of Franklin with her partner, 13-year-old son, their beloved Labrador “Buddy” (8yo) and Guide Dogs Tasmania Therapy Dog “Grady” (3yo) who has been boarding with the family for the past year and works locally alongside an Occupational Therapist helping children with disability.