Amy Brumby

Franklin State Election 2021 Candidates

I was born and bred on the Eastern Shore and now live in Kingborough.

I am standing in this election because I believe  Tasmanians deserve better than the current Government.

I’m a straight talker, ready to listen and ready to take action for Franklin.

Last year showed me Tasmania urgently needs significant improvement when it comes to mental health  services, particularly for young people. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with an acute mental health  disorder during the worst of the COVID-19 lock down. Navigating the systems for the support, treatment  and the help she needed was confusing, frustrating and extremely difficult. I know we are not the only family  to face such struggles. We must do better for our future generations to ensure they can grow up stable,  healthy and happy individuals.

As a survivor of family violence I know how hard it is to find support, guidance and information about your  rights when in this situation. We need to do better. I am determined to campaign for more resources, clearer  pathways and easier access to legal support.

I studied Commercial Cookery at TAFE, before working in Hospitality for 10+ years. I’ve been a single mother  on casual Hospo wages, wondering if my shifts next week would be enough to pay my bills, working every  weekend and nights while missing precious time with my daughter.

I owned and operated my own small business, Lean-to-Kitchen for 2 years, so I understand how much work  is involved in starting and running a small business.

More recently I have worked with United Workers Union. Over these 17 years I have worked with hospitality  and public sector workers like the Education Facility Attendants who clean our children’s schools. I  understand how politics plays an important role in the lives of working people and that when people  have good stable jobs, our economy benefits.

I believe everyone is entitled to be heard, especially  those in our community that feel overlooked, forgotten and feel like they don’t have a voice.

If elected on May 1 I will work hard to stop the privatisation of public assets, increase resources and accessibility  for mental health services, better support and legal access for survivor/victims of family violence.