Brian Mitchell

Lyons Members of Parliament

Brian lives, works and is raising his family in Lyons. A married father of two daughters, he is personally committed to ensuring young people in Tasmania have the tools to participate in a international economy and 21st century society. He’s your Federal Labor Member for Lyons.

Brian’s core focus is creating quality jobs and careers in Tasmania, including in agriculture, retail, education, finance, IT, aged care, health services, hospitality and tourism.

Critically, that means more investment in education, ensuring it remains affordable, and achieving higher retention rates for years 11 and 12. Brian is a passionate advocate for Labor’s Your Child. Our Future plan.

Brian enthusiastically supports Medicare and our public health system, and believes we must protect and improve it.

Brian was raised in the outer suburbs of Perth, WA. His late mum was a cleaner who would discuss politics after school, while his late dad would take Brian along on election days to hand out how-to-vote cards.

Labor is in Brian’s blood. It always has been and still is the best voice working people have for improving fairness in society.

Brian believes Australia is a great country because it has been built on the sacrifices of working people determined to forge a better future. But as the gap grows between the super-rich and the rest of us, as multinationals keep trying to reduce wages and conditions, the “light on the hill” is one we must never lose sight of.