Deb Carnes

Clark State Election 2021 Candidates

I’ve joined the Labor team in Clark because I’m really scared by what is going on in our health system. Health worker safety is patient safety.

Hi, I’m Deb Carnes, a member of the Clark Labor team for the 2021 state election. I’ve been a Labor member for over 25 years demonstrating an ongoing commitment to Labor values.

This includes standing up for a strong public sector and the role of government in ensuring no one is  left behind.

I’m Tasmanian born with Labor in my DNA stretching as far back as Labor party founding members.  Growing up I was taught to work out what you believe in, understand why you believe it and then  stand up for it.

This is not my first election having been endorsed as a Labor candidate in the 1998 state election that elected a Bacon Labor government resulting in Hydro staying in public hands.

Currently I’m working part-time on my own business as well as being employed in a health  technology research consultant role.