Rebecca White

Lyons Members of Parliament

From Rebecca White:

I’m passionate about ensuring there is equality of opportunity for all Tasmanians regardless of where they live, their background or circumstances. I am passionate about ensuring regional communities are well represented and supported and I’m committed to growing Tasmania’s reputation as a great place to work, to visit and to live. My focus is on building stronger communities, promoting innovation in agriculture and harnessing the potential of the NBN technology.

My Labor team and I care about people and the future of Tasmania.

A Labor Government will make the health of all Tasmanians the State’s number one priority. We will make sure young Tasmanians get the education, skills and training they need to get jobs now and in the future. Labor will build the roads and infrastructure that will set Tasmania up for the future.

Regional communities are the heart and soul of Tasmania and I want our regions to thrive.

Now more than ever, people throughout Lyons and Tasmania need job security, better transport – more buses and better roads – and better access to health care.

I want parents to raise their children secure in the knowledge there is a future for their community.

We must work harder to support our towns’ small businesses and our farmers who are the lifeblood of regional Tasmania.

I know all Tasmanians expect to access health care when and where they need it. Labor’s Better Health Plan for Tasmania will keep Tasmanians healthier for longer, ensure they are treated faster and get them home to their families sooner.

The rollout of the NBN will help connect us to the world and provide new ways for communities to engage with Government, private enterprise and each other.

As someone born in Lyons and raised on my parents’ farm ‘Redbanks’ in Nugent I know the issues that confront regional Tasmania.

I have built my own home and I’m raising my family in Lyons and I’m committed to ensuring we put all Tasmanians first.