Ross Hart

Bass Federal Election Candidate

Born and raised in Launceston, Ross is a proud local lawyer and small business owner who lives here with his wife Annie, and son Pete. Ross has practised law for more than 30 years representing thousands of locals from small businesses to families dealing with the challenges of life.  

Ross has a strong record of speaking out on unjust and unfair policies. Three years ago he spoke out against Scott Morrison’s cashless welfare card plan. He knew it was a bad plan then and he knows it is still a bad plan.  

Better funding for the Launceston General Hospital, no cuts to Medicare and the NDIS, protecting pensioners and well-paid jobs and secure employment are Ross Hart’s priorities. 

Ross is experienced and will be the strong voice that Bass deserves. 

Sadly, over the course of the pandemic Ross saw a substantial increase in work writing wills. He knows just how scared Tasmanians were. Too many locals have found it hard to see a doctor or medical specialist. Not only have costs risen, but we are waiting too long for treatment. The pandemic has only made this worse.  

Scott Morrison and the Liberals made promises to Northern Tasmania in 2019 that they have not kept. While Scott Morrison continues to underdeliver, the communities of Bass are crying out for well-paid jobs, secure employment and investment in their future. 

We need Ross Hart to be a voice for Northern Tasmania to ensure we get our fair share in the recovery from the recession and pandemic. Ross won’t just stand by and watch our community miss out from the Liberals’ failure to deliver.