Simon Davis

Clark State Election 2021 Candidates

I am Simon Davis and I am running for Labor in the electorate of Clark. I have been working in hospitality for nearly twenty years and been an active union member for most of that time. I’ve heard from both co-workers and customers about the struggles that Tasmanians face with our failing health service, overly insecure work, and ever increasing housing costs.

I am a Dad with two young kids. My son has complex needs, and the difficulty that our young family has had trying to get him what he needs is a huge part of what has motivated me to run for Parliament. My son has two great advocates in his Mum and Dad, but even then we can’t always get him what he needs when he needs it. I’m running because only Labor can fix our health system, and I want to ensure that vulnerable Tasmanians get the support they need to grow and thrive.

I know what it is like to work very late nights and all through weekends, giving up sleep and time with family to provide services to others. We deserve and rely on our penalty rates, and we deserve to have good secure jobs we can count on. Wages have been stagnant all across the country, but especially in Tasmania and that is in large part due to the public sector wage caps imposed by the Liberal Government. Public sector wage caps and freezes depress wage growth across all sectors and have left Tasmania becoming increasingly a low wage state.

Through my work as a delegate I have become passionate about organising people to fight together for a better deal and that is how I will approach my service as the representative that Clark needs.