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Peter Gutwein must have full budget estimates disclosure

  • Labor writes to Premier and Treasury Secretary to have full budget estimates disclosure
  • At least $180 million in PESRAC spending has not been accounted for
  • What is the Government hiding from?

Tasmanian Labor is calling on Premier Peter Gutwein to have full budget estimates disclosure.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said Labor expects Treasury to issue revised budget estimates within two weeks in accordance with the Charter of Budget Responsibility Act 2007.

“It is crucial the Government are transparent with Tasmanians on how much they are spending,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“I have written to the Premier and the Treasury Secretary reminding them of their legal obligations under the Charter of the Budget Responsibility Act to release the revised estimates.

“The Treasury Secretary is required to review the most recent Budget forward estimates within five business days from the commencement of the election costing period.”

Mr O’Byrne said that since the release of the February 2021 Revised Estimates Report the Government has announced a range of increased spending measures and tax changes.

“The land tax changes and the at least $180 million of additional expenditure in the PESRAC Report will have material effects on the Budget Estimates.

“Peter Gutwein must confirm to Tasmanians that these details have been discussed with the Treasury Secretary.

“What is this Government hiding from, why have they gone to an election 12 months early and will they be honest with the people of Tasmania?

“Tasmanians deserve to know how much money the Government is spending and Peter Gutwein must meet the conditions of the Budget Responsibility Act.”

David O’Byrne MP  
Shadow Treasurer