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Peter Gutwein will do anything to avoid uncomfortable questions about Adam Brooks

Peter Gutwein’s evasive display in Question Time today proves he would do anything to avoid uncomfortable questions around his handling of the Adam ‘Terry’ Brooks debacle.

Labor Leader David O’Byrne said despite serious allegations against Mr Brooks, Peter Gutwein continues to stand by him.

“Peter Gutwein endorsed disgraced former MP Adam Brooks for election, despite the fact he had lied to Parliament, to the former Premier and to an independent investigation,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“When he was summonsed to face ammunition storage charges, he took his denials at face value.

“When serious allegations were made about Mr Brooks operating dating profiles using a fake identity, Peter Gutwein joked about it, saying he was a ‘good looking bloke’ and that he had more important things to concern himself with rather than his candidate’s ‘love life’.

“When presented with evidence the allegations were true, Peter Gutwein then accused the journalist of fabricating it.

“He continued to accept his denials when two women came forward with serious allegations about his behaviour.

“Two weeks after the election when all of this was public knowledge, he continued to stand by Mr Brooks by confirming he would be comfortable for him to be part of his Government and stated that he was ‘Cabinet material’.

“It is unacceptable that despite all of the evidence, Peter Gutwein continues to endorse the actions of Mr Brooks by deflecting questions surrounding these serious allegations and failing to admit that he was never fit to be a candidate for public office.

“This whole debacle just proves that Tasmanians can expect more of the same from this Liberal Government: poor judgement and poor leadership.”

David O’Byrne MP
Labor Leader