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Police investigation findings on paedophile nurse must be made public as survivors search for answers

  • Government cannot continue to try and sweep important evidence under the carpet
  • Police investigation into response to James Griffin allegations are crucial to pending Commission of Inquiry
  • Police investigation will answer questions government refused to address

The Gutwein Government must release the findings of a critical police investigation into the response to allegations of child sex abuse by former nurse James Griffin at the Launceston General Hospital.

Shadow Child Safety Minister Sarah Lovell said in the lead up to the pending Commission of Inquiry into the Response of Tasmanian Government Institutions to Child Sex Abuse, it was imperative the results of the investigation be made available publicly as well as to Inquiry President of Marcia Neave, legal representatives appearing at hearings and survivors of sexual abuse.

“This report will play a critical role in the work of the Inquiry to ascertain how Griffin was able to allegedly commit offences when he was in a position of trust working with children at the LGH,” Ms Lovell said.

“Tasmania Police have indicated today that the investigation is expected to be completed and the report will be released imminently.

“That must be allowed to happen. It cannot be buried in a bottom drawer.

“The Police Minister Mark Shelton and Premier Gutwein must give a guarantee today that the police findings will be made public and will be available in full to the Commission of Inquiry.

“There is already an unacceptable level of secrecy surrounding the 14 people who to date have been stood down in the public sector, pending further investigation into abuse claims. 

“Already we have learned serious failures were made with lengthy gaps between the revelations of Griffin’s offending and the Liberal Government beginning a formal investigation.

“These are extremely serious, disturbing allegations and survivors, their families and staff at the LGH must be given assurances that no stone will be left unturned.

“This is a deeply disturbing case which is being felt deeply in the community and survivors and their families need a guarantee that they will be heard.”

Sarah Lovell MLC  
Shadow Child Safety Minister