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Premier not getting the basics right on cost of living

The Premier’s failure to get the basics right on the cost of living is placing huge financial pressure on Tasmanians.

Today Devonport resident Charmaine Cohen outlined how the growing cost of living means she is forced to make decisions about what to go without.

Charmain is a grandmother caring for her granddaughter and like so many pensioners is finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

In the worst cases we are hearing from Tasmanians who are choosing between eating and heating.

In a state like Tasmania where we generate enough energy to power every home we should be able to keep prices down and make life easier for people like Charmaine.

The government’s weak refusal to take-action to address the cost of living and cap power bills means that more households will face tough choices about what to go without in the coming months.

Rebecca White MP  
Tasmanian Labor Leader