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Premier prioritises stadium over cost of living

Cost of living pressures are the biggest concern facing Tasmanians right now.  So many people in the community are battling cost of living pressures while Jeremy Rockliff remains focused on building a new stadium in Hobart.

This Government is so out of touch with Tasmanians. They’ve got their priorities all wrong.

Energy and water bills are skyrocketing and housing affordability continues to get worse. Over half of Tasmanians are worried it will keep getting worse, year on year.

Families and businesses right across Tasmania are making decisions every day about what they can afford now and what they need to put off for some time into the future.

While the Liberal Government remains focused on a $750 million stadium in Hobart, the Tasmanian Labor Party has been out on the ground listening to the community and getting our priorities right.

Jeremy Rockliff and his ministers need to get back to basics and start getting their priorities right for all Tasmanians.

Janie Finlay MP  
Shadow Minister for Small Business