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Premier prioritises stadium over healthcare

Premier and part-time Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff has prioritised a $750 million stadium in Hobart over than the much-needed upgrades at the Launceston General Hospital.

The LGH has the worst bed-block in the country and wait times to see a specialist are at completely unacceptable levels.

Urgent cardiology and neurology patients—people with urgent heart and brain conditions—are waiting nearly a year to see a specialist. People classified as semi-urgent are waiting nearly three years.

And just one day after the Premier announced the new stadium in Hobart, paramedics at the LGH took strike action over the impossible working conditions they face.

Whether people need an ambulance, specialist appointment or admission to hospital, the Liberal Government is failing to get the basics right for them at the LGH.

The fact the Premier is focused on a $750 million stadium in Hobart while the $580 million he promised to upgrade the LGH is nowhere to be seen shows yet again how wrong his priorities are.

Anita Dow MP  
Shadow Minister for Health