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Premier’s Department spent $3 million on consultants and advertising in ten months

RTI information shows the Department of Premier and Cabinet spent nearly $3 million on consultants and advertising in the period 1 January 2022 to 31 October 2022.

That’s around $300,000 a month during that period which seems extremely excessive and the Tasmanian taxpayer has every right to ask what this money is being spent on and if the people of Tasmania are getting value for money.

The Premier’s department should be an exemplar when it comes to business practices and leading the public service by example.

After nearly a decade of waste and rorts and nothing to show for it the Premier needs to come clean on what the money is being spent on.

Labor will freeze spending on consultants and advertising at 2020 levels saving an estimated $120 million over a term of government.

Tasmania is facing record debt and deficit and wasting money on consultants and glossy advertising is the last thing we need.

That money has to be spent on government services like education, health and public housing.

Shane Broad MP  
Shadow Treasurer