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Rental Affordability Index further exposes Liberal’s failure on housing

  • Hobart families forced to pay 30 per cent of income on rent
  • Jaensch continues to fail to deliver social housing
  • Government does nothing while housing crisis deepens

Tasmania remains the least affordable rental market in the country under a Liberal Government that refuses to address the housing crisis.

Shadow Housing Minister Alison Standen said the latest Rental Affordability Index released today shows Tasmania’s housing crisis is worsening under the Gutwein Government and Minister Roger Jaensch, with Hobart still the least affordable city in which to rent in the country.

Ms Standen said while the government and Mr Jaensch were big on making announcements they are appalling on delivery.

“State-wide, rents are up 37 per cent and the gap between income and rents continues to grow with no relief on the horizon from the Liberals,” Ms Standen said.

“Families earning average incomes are paying almost a third of that income in rent and that, in turn, means the situation is far more dire for families on lower incomes.

“Mr Jaensch simply needs to deliver.

“It’s not good enough that he has promised the world and delivered a pittance.

“The proof is in the facts that were exposed just last week – Mr Jaensch delivered just five new homes for low income Tasmanians over the past year and he cannot explain why that number is so low.

“The total supply of social housing in Tasmanian increased from 12,504 in September 2019 to 12,509 in September this year.

“He has been forced to admit he has not built a single new social housing dwelling with the Commonwealth housing debt waiver money.

“The government must also release the third quarterly Short Stay Accommodation report, which is two months overdue.

“We have an opportunity to act immediately to regulate the short stay market to pause new permits on entire dwellings in tight housing markets, improving private rental availability and affordability.

“With our borders open again and visitors starting to return, this would also support existing licensed operators experiencing low visitation.

“We cannot return to the conditions that brought about the housing crisis. We need to prioritise housing security and look after all Tasmanians.”

Alison Standen

Shadow Minister for Housing