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Rockliff-Ferguson budget can no longer ignore dire state of hospitals

The catastrophic situation today at the Launceston General Hospital should be a final wake-up call to the Rockliff-Ferguson Government to provide urgent and increased funding in the Budget this week.

The dire situation which has unfolded today resulting in patients being asked to reconsider visiting the LGH because staff are overwhelmed, is a direct consequence of eight years of under-funding and under-resourcing by successive Liberal Governments.

The Rockliff-Ferguson Government need to get serious about finally addressing the years of neglect and provide funding that will allow nurses, doctors and other staff to do their jobs.

It’s not good enough that today staff have been forced to turn away all patients other than those with serious, life-threatening conditions.

This government has failed to deliver better health services in Tasmania and its current economic management isn’t working for Tasmanians.

Anita Dow MP  
Shadow Health Minister