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Rockliff’s refusal to act on power prices plunges Parliament into chaos

The unprecedented decision by Jeremy Rockliff to cancel the Tasmanian Parliament for the second time in just six months has shown all Tasmanians how weak his government is.

The government is falling apart at the seams with a revolving door of Ministers plunging the government into a tail spin.

Jeremy Rockliff can’t get the basics right and Tasmanians are now suffering under a government and Premier they didn’t elect.

Labor has tabled a Bill to cap power prices to ease the cost of living pressures on Tasmanian households.

The Parliament should sit next week so it can act to reduce price increases to 2.5 per cent, rather than the 12 per cent rise the government has imposed.

The Premier has cancelled Parliament because of his refusal to back a cap on power prices for Tasmanian households.

Dean Winter MP 
Leader of Opposition Business