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Shocker day for Rockliff with no justification on stadium

Jeremy Rockliff embarrassed himself in question time today, failing to answer basic questions and refusing to say the word ‘stadium’ for over an hour.

This odd display from the struggling Premier highlights the desperate situation the Liberal Government has put itself in.

Jeremy Rockliff and his Government’s back is now firmly against the wall as it was revealed that there is not even a business case for the new stadium at Macquarie Point.

Tasmanians are struggling with the cost of living, health and housing and this Liberal Government is prioritising a $750 million stadium in Hobart with no real justification.

Not even Liberal Party supporters agree with the Government’s position, with some calling it “madness” and Federal Bass MP Bridget Archer said Tasmanian taxpayers should not have to fund it.

The Government had an opportunity today to explain the detail behind its new stadium ahead of the priorities of Tasmanians. Instead, it shut down debate after offering just a one-minute defence. 

Dean Winter MP  
Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly