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Tasmania still lags behind nation

Tasmania’s unemployment rate remains the second-highest in the country and underemployment has risen new ABS jobs data has revealed.

Shadow Treasurer Rebecca White said Labor welcomed the nationwide improvement in the jobs market.

“Today’s data shows a welcome fall in the unemployment rate; however, underemployment has climbed and youth unemployment remains well above the national average,” Ms White said.

“It is disappointing to see underemployment has risen to 9% and it is also concerning that 800 full time jobs have disappeared.”

Ms White said Labor wants to see Tasmania’s jobs recovery catch up with the rest of the nation.

“Tasmania’s jobs recovery must include young people, and it must not be based on part time or casual work but on secure, full time work that enables people to live comfortably and do things like purchase their first home.

“The unemployment rate has fallen slightly and underemployment has risen, this tells us people are getting work but not enough of it.

“The Liberals continue to spin economic numbers but the fact is Tasmania continues to lag behind the rest of the country and this simply cannot be allowed to continue.”

Rebecca White MP  
Shadow Treasurer