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Tasmanian Liberal Party divided on new Hobart stadium

Jeremy Rockliff is now the Member for Braddon in name only, with his priorities firmly set on building a $750 million stadium in Hobart.

The state Liberal Members from the North and North-West need to outline to the people of Bass and Braddon where their priorities lie.

Do they prioritise easing the cost of living, improving health care and providing a roof over people’s heads for their community, or a second major stadium in Hobart?

The Tasmanian Liberal Party is becoming more divided on the controversial new $750 million stadium set to be built in Hobart at Macquarie Point.

Federal Liberal Member for Bass Bridget Archer has stated that she does not believe that taxpayers should be paying for a new stadium, while veteran Liberal advisor Brad Stansfield has labelled it “madness”.

Yesterday in question time Jeremy Rockliff refused to even utter the word ‘stadium’, meekly referring to it as ‘infrastructure’, as if the Tasmanian people would not notice.

It truly was a Faulty Towers “don’t mention the war” moment in Tasmania’s House of Assembly.

There is clear division among the Tasmanian Liberal Party on the proposed stadium in Hobart. Today the North and North-West members need to explain why they support a stadium that Tasmanians don’t want.

Shane Broad MP  
Member for Braddon