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Tasmanians can expect same secrecy and lack of integrity from Rockliff

The Rockliff-Ferguson Government is the same old secretive government Tasmanians have unfortunately come to expect from the Liberal Party.

Premier Rockliff claims he wants to lead a government with integrity, yet he refuses to address or clear up the scandals in his government.

Today in State Parliament he refused to establish an independent inquiry into the alleged conflict of interest of Jane Howlett when she was Sports Minister.

If there is nothing to hide, Mr Rockliff should follow his words about integrity with actions and clear this matter up.

Premier Rockliff has also refused to rule out that the former chief of staff to Peter Gutwein will be appointed to a plum job managing this government’s proposed $750 million floating stadium.

Jeremy Rockliff cannot claim to lead a government with integrity when he is acting exactly the same as his predecessors.

Dean Winter MP  
Leader of Opposition Business