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Tasmanians need action now – not Liberal divisions – on voluntary assisted dying

  • Conservative Liberal Members looking for any excuse to fail terminally ill Tasmanians
  • Key Liberals stalling
  • Tasmania’s VAD Bill is the safest in Australia

The hopelessly divided Gutwein Government is engaging in unnecessary politics around Tasmania’s Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation rather than making the care of terminally ill Tasmanians their priority.

Shadow Health Minister Bastian Seidel said Liberal Ministers such as Michael Ferguson and Attorney-General Elise Archer were openly undermining Peter Gutwein, who has committed to debating the Bill next week. 

“The fact is this is the safest Bill in Australia but senior Ministers who are personally opposed to it are now engaged in a bizarre and unnecessary war of press releases,” Dr Seidel said.

“The former leadership rivals Ms Archer and Mr Ferguson have joined forces in trying to tear down a sound Bill.

“They will go to any length to find any cause to fail terminally ill Tasmanians who are not finding answers in palliative care.

“They are putting their political will before dying patients.

“They are doing this without even considering the UTAS evidence because they don’t want to look at the evidence, they don’t want to listen to the facts. It’s time for the Premier to show compassion and care in the debate and put a stop to the in-fighting.

“Debate in the Upper House was defined by respect and diligent consideration and if Ms Archer had concerns at that time she should have raised them with the Liberals’ Legislative Council Members. They, in turn, could have raised her concerns at that time.

“Now Ms Archer and others are turning this into a political football in the Lower House between two opposing groups within the Liberal Party.

“This is not the time for the Liberal Party to be wasting time on in-fighting and shenanigans because Tasmanians just want them to get on with it.”

Bastian Seidel MLC
Shadow Health Minister