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Tasmanians waiting up to 6.5 years for neurosurgery appointments

The latest health dashboard data shows no let-up in the state’s health crisis, with Tasmanians still waiting far too long for essential health care.

The outpatient waiting list is a staggering 57,774 – an increase of 3,345 over the past year and more than double what it was when the Liberals were elected.

Wait times are up over the past year, with the average wait to see a specialist now 440 days.

And the neurosurgical clinics seem to have all but collapsed, with urgent patients waiting over two years in Hobart and 4.5 years in Launceston.

Non-urgent patients are waiting a staggering 6.5 years in Hobart.

I can’t begin to imagine the terror of knowing you were classified as an urgent neurosurgical patient but then being told it would be years before you would be seen.

This is an absolute disgrace and the new Premier needs to deliver a solution urgently – making yet another “announcement” won’t cut it.

These are the most basic parts of our health system and under the Liberals they just keep going from bad to disastrous.

Anita Dow MP
Shadow Health Minister