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Tassal leads the pack with sustainable Salmon

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Water Janie Finlay has congratulated Tassal on being ranked Australia’s most sustainable protein producer by the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index.

Ms Finlay said Tasmanian aquaculture is leading the nation and this accolade is testament to the incredible hard work the industry has done to grow sustainably and have a low environmental impact.

“The industry is renowned worldwide as leading in its field as is shown with Tassal ranked as one of the top 15 sustainable protein producers in the world,” Ms Finlay said.

The ranking comes a day after the formation of the Tasmanian Farmed Salmon Alliance.

Launched on Wednesday, the group is made up of seafood companies Petuna, Huon Aquaculture and the Tassal Group along with a number of significant stakeholders that all have an important part to play in delivering world-class salmon to consumers’ plates.

“Tasmanian salmon and its supporting industries employ about 12,000 people and contribute $1 billion to the state each year,” Ms Finlay said.

“Like any farmers, these people take the welfare of their stock seriously and are heavily invested in producing a sought-after product.

“In many instances the salmon industry is the backbone of towns and families in regional Tasmania. They ensure that regional communities have employment opportunities and continue to thrive.”

Labor Leader Rebecca White praised Tassal for its achievement and noted how it was positively shaping trends on an international scale.

“Tasmania is home to one of the world’s greatest aquaculture industries and Tasmanians must continue to support it,” Ms White said.

“I commend Tassal for its transparency around environmental and social issues. The salmon industry has contributed significantly to the state’s agricultural record $2 billion farm gate value.”

Ms Finlay encouraged Tasmanians to continue to put their vote of confidence behind the industry and choose Tasmanian salmon.

“Next time you are at a café, restaurant, hotel or even at your local supermarket or fishmonger, ask for Tasmanian Salmon.

“And if you still have questions, I urge you to reach out to an alliance member and have an open and honest conversation.”

Janie Finlay MP  
Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Rebecca White MP  
Labor Leader