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Water cash grab brings more pain for Tasmanians

The Rockliff-Ferguson Government has failed Tasmanians again with massive water price rises set to put even more pressure on household budgets.

At a time when Tasmanians can least afford it, TasWater has quietly announced a massive 3.5 per cent rise in water bills a year for the next four years.

That means a 15 per cent increase over the next four years – or an extra $450 bill for households over the period.

Labor has been warning of this for months, and yet the government has done nothing to protect Tasmanians from further financial pain.

What a betrayal of Tasmanians already struggling under the financial weight of massive fuel bills, rising grocery costs, soaring rents and the Liberals’ new bin tax.

The Rockliff-Ferguson Government is seriously out of touch if it thinks families can afford even higher water bills on top of everything else.

Just as it did with Aurora’s planned price rises, this government needs to act to keep household bills to a minimum and give Tasmanian families and individuals some relief from constant financial pressure.

The new Premier needs to reverse this bad decision and start focusing on the basics of economic management, because higher prices and tax increases are definitely not what Tasmanians voted for.

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Minister for Finance and Economic Development