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Where is the Liberal candidate for Pembroke?

The Liberal Party seems to have no idea who its candidate will be in the Pembroke by-election.

After brashly declaring they would definitely be running a candidate, and despite advertising for a couple of weeks, it looks like the Liberals are struggling to find anyone who wants to join their dysfunctional and rapidly disintegrating Government.

People on the Eastern Shore are facing massive increases to their costs of living while their wages don’t keep pace – it’s no wonder no one wants to stand alongside weak Jeremy Rockliff and his detested Deputy Michael Ferguson.

The Liberals were embarrassed in the Huon by-election earlier this year – coming a humiliating fourth behind the Greens – and a third of their MPs have thrown in the towel since last year’s election.

With less than five weeks until the election, people are rightly asking why the Liberals are either keeping their candidate in hiding, or whether they just can’t find anyone who wants to wear their worn-out pale blue polo-shirts on the campaign trail.

Labor is already out and about, backing our candidate, Alderman Luke Edmunds. Luke’s a fantastic local candidate, dedicated to stopping massive cost of living increases and making the eastern shore an even better place to live.

Dean Winter MP  
Labor Member for Franklin