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Working for Tasmania: Labor’s jobs plan

  • Labor’s fully costed jobs plan will address the state’s jobs challenge
  • More than infrastructure investment needed to rebuild post-COVID
  • Initiatives support hardest hit sectors, foster growth and innovation

Tasmanian Labor has released a fully costed jobs plan designed to stimulate the economy, foster business growth and get Tasmanians into secure jobs.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said job creation is Labor’s highest priority.

“Tasmania’s biggest economic challenge before COVID-19 was job creation. The pandemic has only compounded the problem.

“Creating jobs and getting more people into secure and stable jobs is Labor’s number one priority. But they must be good jobs.

“COVID-19 exposed the weaknesses in our economy: an overreliance on certain industries, high rates of casualisation and underemployment.

“We need to address these issues in our recovery or we will remain exposed to repeating the mistakes of the past.”

Ms White said Labor’s jobs plan, Working for Tasmania, sets out strategies to support sectors and industries hardest hit by COVID, and a vision for economy wide growth.

“The Liberals plan to build their way out of COVID. While we know infrastructure projects are important, much more is needed.

“Labor’s plan connects education, skills and training, private sector investment, government spending and infrastructure development to get more Tasmanians into work.”

Ms White said Working for Tasmania includes a number of key strategic initiatives, including:

  • A strategy to protect jobs in tourism, hospitality and the arts
  • A rebuild of TAFE from the ground up, and free TAFE courses in areas of critical need
  • An apprentice guarantee for older workers seeking to retrain
  • Bolstering secure jobs in the public sector
  • Programs to support small business growth
  • A jobs and innovation fund to drive business growth and create jobs
  • Initiatives to improve government spending decisions for the benefit of Tasmanians
  • Fast track construction of affordable housing
  • Enhancements of critical northern ports

“Our plan is fully costed, it includes achievable savings and redirected government spending and, critically, it will work,” Ms White said.

“The best thing we can do to strengthen the economy and put the budget on a pathway back to sustainability is to get people back into work.

“Labor’s jobs plan will build a better and fairer Tasmania.”

Rebecca White
Labor Leader