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Writing blank cheques is reckless budget management

The Liberal Government has already taken Tasmania back into debt for the first time since Labor paid everything off in the early 2000s.

Now under Jeremy Rockliff, the Liberals are borrowing $3.5 million dollars a day, interest rates are rising and they are writing blank cheques for a new second stadium in Hobart.

This is totally reckless.

There are serious questions the Premier needs to answer. Where is the business plan for the new stadium? How much are they expecting it to make or lose each year? How much will it cost to maintain?

And given he claims the new Hobart stadium will host 44 major events each year—one roughly every eight days—what new major events do they expect to be able to attract?

Premier Rockliff cannot throw hundreds of millions of public dollars at a stadium if he cannot answer these basic questions.

Managing the budget is all about priorities. Writing blank cheques for new stadiums in the middle of a cost of living crisis is no way to manage a budget that is already plunging into record debt.

Shane Broad MP  
Shadow Treasurer